Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Impasto Painting

When I’m not hunting for graves, I’m usually writing or painting. Lately, I’ve been involved with the paints. And I’m in love with the impasto technique.

Impasto is a painting technique where thick layers of paint are laid on the canvas. Van Gogh was an expert at using impasto to add movement to his painting. Think of the swirls he made dance in the sky in Starry Night.

"Hummingbird Beauty" by Brenda Sutton Rose

www.dickblick.comWhen I use the impasto technique, I have fun leaving knife strokes and brush stroke on the canvas. I like the raw appearance. Many times, the movements of the knife and brush are more interesting than the subject matter.

I painted Hummingbird Beauty, a small painting, in the impasto technique, using color and thick paint to create movement. I’ve decided to sell it, but it’s not easy to part with  this irreverent hummingbird.

Because I don't have much time to go to art shops for supplies, I usually order my art supplies online. The new painter would be wise to invest in good brushes if the plan is to be a serious painter, if the painter isn't going through a temporary phase. And at some point, the new painter should start investing in the best paints.

Brenda Sutton Rose

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