Saturday, May 4, 2013

Exploring Kirkland School and Grounds

Looking through the windows
I heard this is the old Kirkland School, but I wasn't sure when I visited it.  The school is located off Hwy 82 in Kirkland, between Pearson and Willacoochee, and can be seen from the highway. Hal volunteered to take Licia and me out to take a closer look.  I'd been there once with my camera, a few weeks earlier, but was hesitant to venture inside the building after realizing I had drawn attention from one of the locals.  During the second visit, all went well. 

I did step on what might have been a septic tank that was caving in.  One soft step and I moved back and warned Licia.  We detoured. Near the main building, under all the vines, Hal spotted a well.  I hadn't seen it during my earlier visit. Licia nearly stepped on a beautiful rat snake.  I'm terrified of snakes, but once Hal informed us it was harmless I moved close enough to take some photos. I probably wouldn't be so afraid of snakes if I was more knowledgeable.

A view from the main building.

A building separate from the main school.  If you know anything about this place, please share with me.

a well near the front entrance to the school
Brody is under the edge of the tree. This photo was taken during a different visit. 

A view through the past.
our beautiful snake
This photo was taken in the smaller building. Artsy graffiti.
It reads: Vance

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