Monday, April 15, 2013

Berrien, Lanier, Atkinson County Backroads

My dog and I went out scouting the countryside again today. When I can't write, I head to the back roads. I visit many places new to me. Time has hidden my footprints from other places, places I remember from my youth. Many of the scents, buried in my flesh, come alive as I travel through the southern landscape.

I hear rain tap-dancing on this tin roof.

When this house lived, I imagine it was filled with the laughter of children, barefoot and poor.

Three dogs in the highway. They refuse to move.

The Alapha River

Alapaha River

On the banks of the Alapaha River

Alapaha River

Forgotten house. I would love to restore it, resurrect it, give it life again.

These were growing all around an abandoned house.

Brody is checking out the outhouse.

Not exactly clean, but at least it has a toilet seat.

A well.  I slid the cover over enough to see a huge spider in a mass of webs.  I decided I didn't want a photo bad enough to continue.  So I slid the top back in place, covering the well.

This is off Hwy 82 in Kirkland, between Pearson and Willacoochee.  I've been told this was once a school but haven't been able to verify it.

The remains of the building shown above.

I found this house in Kirkland, Georgia.

Love that toilet on the porch!

I wouldn't let Brody get out because I was parked and taking photos near a busy highway.

Turpentine still in the background. I left the house without the lens needed to zoom in on the still from a distance.

A house hides under these bushes, trees, and vines.

Willacoochee/Alapaha area

I was drawn to this house.  I'm sure it was once loved it.

Old one lane wooden bridge off St. Luke Church Road near the Jowers' land and home place.

The creek near St. Luke's Church.  I fished in this creek once or twice.

Private cemetery where some of my family members are buried, most recently Jack Tucker.

Gallivanting:  Brody's favorite thing to do.
Willacoochee School. My younger sister and brother attended this school for about a year.

Willacoochee School

Willacoochee School

One of the school's entrances

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