Saturday, April 13, 2013

Around Excelsior in Georgia

It was April 2013 when my dog, Brody, and I explored the Excelsior area in Tift County, Georgia and ended up lost near Norman Park. I was searching for clothes hanging on a clothesline. Not just any clothes. I wanted something worthy of a photo. Sheets and towels, perhaps.

I took a right outside Norman Park on Hwy 256, I believe. The owner told me that Sheriff Edd Walker had once stopped to show the house to his wife. He had known the family who once lived there. The owner gave me permission to take as many photos as I wanted. My sister, Lynn, is the photographer in the family, but I did manage to get one good shot during this outing. I love this scene.
I was stopped at the housing area of migrant workers when these boys stopped and talked with me.  Their last name is Isdell.  I was somewhere near Whittington Road in the Excelsior area taking photos when I saw them coming down the road.  I think I'd driven down Crawley Road and made a turn or two that led me to this location.

The boys in the picture above told me their grandmother used to hang clothes on the line, but she's got a dryer now.  I asked, "Do you know anybody out this way that might hang out their clothes?"

The older brother replied, "No.  Not that I can think of."

He told me his grandmother lived in the little red house down the road.  I turned the car around and went to see her.  I pulled up close to the back entrance. She came outside, stood near the back door, and told me she couldn't think of a soul who might hang their clothes out to dry.  She said, "Folks don't do that anymore. Those days are gone."

I told her plenty of clotheslines were stretched behind the migrant housing nearby, but I didn't see any clothes hanging out to dry. She frowned and said, "Well, I sure ain't gonna hang my clothes outside. I did that for too many years."

I'm still searching for clothes blowing in the wind on a clothesline. That's a picture I want to take.

housing for migrant workers

a wooden bridge over a creek
I lay down on the ground at the wooden bridge, hoping a truck wouldn't come zooming down the road, and took this photo through the wooden railing shown in the previous photo, the one above this one.  Brody, boofing and sniffing, was beside me, his head stuck through the railing.

Beautiful country
This house is on Excelsior Road. I know the people who used to live there.
The kitchen of the house on Excelsior Road.
After winding up in Norman Park, I took Hwy 319 back to Tifton.  This house is located on 319.  Until I stepped on the porch I didn't realize it had been burned.

I believe the fire burned wallpaper, uncovering original beadboard on the wall.

Brody sniffing around.

Migrant workers near Omega.
I never discovered clothes blowing in a breeze on a clothesline. The past seems to be disappearing from the past. Yes, the past is leaving the past. What will I have left?

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